Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Fiber Friday

Have It Your Way

Up until now, I'd been unfamiliar with the practice of re-skeining my hand dyed yarn. Like the originator of a great recipe always leaves a little something out so that the imitators will never be quite like the original, Chris was holding out on me. She's so like that. So, as if you haven't heard or seen enough about our recent hand dyeing session, I give you some of my yarns in three different ways.

Dyed, dried and skeined.

Pull skeins


Re-skeining involved putting the skein back on my yarn swift and winding it into a pull skein. This was an unnecessary step; however, I wanted to see what the skein looked like in a pull skein, or cake. From there, I wound the yarn back on to a niddy-noddy. My niddy-noddy is home-made, made of five pieces of PVC piping and two "T" connectors. The goal of re-skeining is to get the sections of color to mix better and not just appear as big globs of color in one section.

I definitely think re-skeining is worth the effort, especially if the yarn is a gift. Even if I'm the only one whose going to look at it, I'd still re-skein it though. Do you have a favorite?

See you Monday.