Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Tuesday Group Part Two

I introduced Brenda and Sue briefly last week as the newest members of the Tuesday morning knitting group. This week, it's the Founding Mothers.

I met Peggy (blue shirt) on Sanibel Island about 8 years ago. Conversation started and we discovered we were both from Minnesota, lived in the same area and went to the same church. Huh, small world isn't it? A few years later she would wander in to the knitting shop when I was working and we struck up a conversation and a friendship began. I met Sandy (white shirt) on a flight to Sanibel Island - in fact, Peggy was on the same flight. They've know each other for a long time through kids and school and life. She saw the I was knitting and pointed it out to Peggy. We shared a good laugh about how we knew each other. Sandy said she'd never be able to knit. Famous last words!

Cindy (foreground) and I met when she was taking an Einstein Coat class at the shop. There's a awful lot of knitting in an Einstein Coat so there was plenty of time to hang out and visit with the students. Plus - I wasn't teaching it! Cindy's mom and Peggy were also in that class - they were all so much fun. After the Einstein class, Cindy and Peggy decided to take a Fair Isle Jazz scarf class - again with another instructor, again a boat load of knitting. I think their class was on a day I wasn't scheduled to work but I kept finding reason to go in to the shop just to see them. Yes, I was stalking them. Yes, it was pathetic.

So I stole them. Plain out. When the scarf class was over and it looked like they were going to be gone, I asked them if they wanted to get together over coffee and knit. Thus was born the Tuesday Morning Group - two years ago in May. They laugh and say "We can't believe Deb wanted us to be in her knitting group!"

Yesterday, more than anything in the world, I needed you guys. Not just in my knitting group, but in my life. Thank you seems trite but I can't hug you from here.

See you tomorrow.

P.S. They had to approve the "spontaneous" pictures!!