Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Morning After

Although the threat of severe storms such as we experienced yesterday afternoon has passed, no one told Holli. This is where she'll stay for most of the day today. I believe that most animals are prescient beings; Holli was pacing and anxious for at least 30 minutes before the storm really hit yesterday. She sat in my lap on the drive to school to pick up Kathryn during the worst of the storm (yea, it's possible for a 65 pound dog to get in your lap in the bucket seat of an SUV- not comfortable - but possible).

We came home from school and Holli immediately went to her "den", under my desk, her safe place. The storm had passed, but there she stayed. So while animals may be able to predict what is coming, they really can't tell what is in the here and now or what has happened. And here she'll stay - just in case the big scary thing comes back.

See you tomorrow.