Thursday, May 17, 2007

L 7...

... or welcome to "Squaresville". Inspired in large part by Vicki, and then by seeing the picture of the "Larger than Life" bag in the Spring Interweave Crochet magazine, I was lured into picking up the crochet hook and giving it a go.

I gathered the bucket of colorful yarn, all wound and ready to go. (Knees added for perspective.)

My sample was placed close by for ready inspection in case I need to refer back to it. (Again with the knees?)

Foot warmer.

Random number generator system for selecting color scheme of squares. This involved Scotch tape and a cat too. It was a tad messy and come to think of it, I haven't seen Tigger since the color scheme for the 3rd square was determined and that was last night. I think I'll get worried sometime around lunch today.

And by the time time Melinda was booted off American Idol ... squares!! Two and almost a third one. They really go quickly. I was catching myself thinking about what yarn I'd use for my next bag! Vicki pointed out here that "Larger than Life" is spreading like a fever. I've caught it!

Thanks for the sock yarn counts. I have some catching up to do it seems. Thanks too for the math check Amy - smart ass! To those of you afraid to count your sock yarn - just go buy more to cover up what you already have.

See you tomorrow.