Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Check Ups x 2

"Uh oh, Tig. The carry crate is out. Let's just ignore it."

"Or, you could just climb on top of it, I guess."

"Oh ISH!! She's collecting things out of the litter box! Yea, we're definitely going to the vet today."

"Not me. I'm staying home to keep an eye on the chipmunks outside. Someone has to make sure they don't fall down the window well again."

"Don't worry, Tig. Maybe she'll open the window and you can stick your head out like a dork!"

"If she opens the window AND this crate, I'm so out of here - dork!!"

"We're here, we're here! I LOVE this place. They have treats and people and smells!" Holli
"Oh, the indignity." Tigger

Yea - the vet's name is really Hotvet. Kinda makes you think he really had no choice at all in the matter doesn't it?

Time for the heartworm test. "Be right back mom - I'm going back behind this magic door where they have treats!"

" Is this my good side?"

"Stupid dog - if she just stayed in this room she'd get the wonderful massages. Lower, lower, ahhhhh, there, right there."

"Shots my ass!! No one mentioned shots! Where's that stupid dog now. I'm not coming out and you can't make me!"

Two hours, $300, treats, healthy animals. No humans were harmed during the production of this photo essay.

See you tomorrow.