Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I'm a Genius AND and Idiot!

Monday has become errand day. Not because I'm that organized or anal that I have a day set aside for errands but because I'm forced out of the house on Mondays. The neighbors on three sides of us have a lawn service crew that shows up at 10 AM and don't finish until somewhere around 4:00 PM. It's the loudest, most annoying, group of mowers, blowers, hedgers, and trimmers on the planet. It's easier to just leave than try to move from room to room and avoid the noise. When I rule the world, lawn mowing will be done on Saturday mornings between 9 and 12 by dads or sons on their John Deere tractors. But, I digress.
One of the errands yesterday was a trip to the fabric store to pick out the lining for the Larger Than Life Bag. Of course, this was made infinitely more difficult because I didn't bring the granny squares or the yarn or anything to help with the fabric selection. I guess I thought it would just come to me?? I paced through the aisles for what seemed like an hour. I had nothing to go by and no idea what was going to work but also knew I just wanted to be done with this because fabric stores make my eyes burn. Finally in complete frustration, I just picked three things that didn't suck as bad as most of the other things and that didn't have Strawberry Shortcake on them.

OK - well that worked out pretty well. Wait, I think the bag requires a zipper or some kind of closure. But again, no magazine to look up materials. Hancock Fabrics doesn't carry Interweave Crochet - just in case you were wondering!! I really do not want to come back here....Oh, I know. My phone, Palm Treo 650, has a web browser! Log on to Interweave, check the materials listing for the bag, I need an 18 inch zipper. Yes! I am a genius. Are you with me on the idiot part yet?