Monday, May 21, 2007

Tag - Nobody Else Is It

OK - I'm getting this out of the way so that we can all get back to knitting, spinning, and other fiber related business. Plus, I think I'm the only one left who hasn't revealed 7 useless random facts about themselves. I was tagged by Connie, who obviously thinks I'm more interesting than I really am.

Here goes:

  1. I have a gaping hole in my mouth where tooth number 30 used to live. Despite 3 root canals, life saving measures were ceased and the tooth was sent to the tooth fairy. I am awaiting an implant. Jon is VERY excited. I haven't told him the implant is going in the place where the tooth used to be.
  2. I am the oldest of six children, the first five of whom are all 1 year apart in age, then a 3 year gap until you get to "the baby". Our given names all begin with "D". Our nicknames growing up all began with "B". I grew up thinking my mom stuttered as she struggled though the list of names to get to whomever she was yelling for (or at).
  3. I hate peppers. All peppers - green, yellow, orange, red. I think they are pretty and I've tried them but I just cannot tolerate their flavor in foods.
  4. I am addicted to any TV show that starts with "Law & Order". In particular I like to see how many times people show up in different episodes, cross between shows, show up on other TV shows years later etc.
  5. I was married once before this time. His name was John. It makes things really easy around here because I can be bad with names at times. The current Jon is lovingly referred to as "No H" by my family. I makes him feel special. Not so much like a toilet.
  6. I started taking piano lessons 2 years ago. Piano is hard - really hard - especially for an adult. If I practiced piano as much as I practice knitting, I'd be so good!
  7. If you are standing at the foot of a bed looking toward the headboard, I always have to sleep on the right hand side of the bed. I sleep mostly on my right side because if I sleep on my left side I hear my heartbeat or pulse too loudly and then I start listening to it and counting it and it keeps me awake.

There. Now let's get back to the good stuff.

No pictures of the dance recital because it would be too distracting to take flash photos during the dances (I paid how much over the course of the year??) but I'll leave you with pictures of the two most important things I think we can teach our daughters - things I don't remember being taught.

Teach them how to put on mascara the right way.

Teach them the value of girlfriends. This is Heather. Heather has been Kathryn's babysitter for five years. Now she is more like her big "sis". That's what they call each other. She is a wonderful role model and mentor. But to Kathryn, she is just a girlfriend.