Friday, May 11, 2007

Fiber Friday

I have some recent fiber acquisitions to share this week. Amy and I made a trip to the Yarn Garage (yea - he's for real!) yesterday. It's a trip - both in terms of how far away it is from the western suburbs and the shop itself.
You could spend a the better part of an afternoon just wandering around the store, and still not find all the little gems they have packed in antique cabinets and dressers. Tons of hand dyed from the big guys and local artists as well.
I came away with this with no real project in mind (snicker):
Colourway Alizerine #119
Since we had to pass through Burnsville on our way home we decided to stop at Zandy's for a quick look around. A polar opposite to Yarn Garage, it was an equally enjoyable shopping experience. Zandy is charming and personable and was actually sitting and knitting with a customer when we came in to the store. She helped me pick out and then eliminate colors for a project. Any guesses?
Various colors
And because Becky called me the other day to tell me that the new Interweave Knits had arrived at the shop, well there's this:
Classic Elite Sundance
Color 6204 Cool Blue
It's always good to have your summer projects lined up. Especially on the 11th of May.
A few parting thoughts for the weekend: Tigger would like to thank everyone for their comments yesterday. He'd like you to know that he was neither drugged nor hypnotized for the photo shoot. He was a willing participant in the modeling. From kittyhood he has enjoyed playing dress-up with Kathryn and her friends. He'd appreciate it if you'd all keep that tid-bit away from your cats.
If you know anybody in the San Diego area who might be inclined to watch the Padres baseball game this evening, my niece Dana, who happens to be turning 11 years old today, is singing the National Anthem at the opening of tonight's game. It's part of a Catholic School's thing and she is singing with group but I'm just sure she'll be the best. Have them tune in!
Have a great weekend. See you on Monday.