Monday, June 04, 2007

Winding Down

I have a whole lot of nothing today - but I guess I can manage to wind it together in to a coherent post. I did some stealth dyeing last week (dyeing without my pals). I'm always reluctant to do this because I still feel as if I need constant adult supervision and guidance. So, second degree burns from boiling water on my hand not withstanding, I'm happy with my results.
I dyed these skeins for two friends who made the mistake of complimenting me on other yarn I had dyed.

Looks like Brenda will have to get more yarn now. For my troubles, Brenda rewarded me with with 3 1/2 hours of uninterrupted sitting, knitting and chatting time at Starbucks on Friday. And it was all unexpected and unplanned. The Hospice patient with whom we usually visit and knit on Friday mornings was not feeling up for the visit so we had some free time. This is how you feel when you're with Brenda.
We had two graduation parties this weekend - kids of friends. Kathryn's best friend's oldest brother (is that a stretch?) and the son of the friend who fixed Jon and I up on our first date. He (the son) was an usher in our wedding at 6-years old - that might have been about the last time I saw him. So, in between the $100-a-pop festive events I began going through my hand dyed stash. I'm now obsessed with re-skeining my collection and photographing it in its different stages. Jon is not thrilled with this project as the memory card on the camera keeps forgetting to download and erase itself after these little sessions. Oops.

For those of you kind enough to point out that not all of last Friday's yarn was show re-skeined, I'm sorry and here you go.