Thursday, June 07, 2007

Strange Findings

The coast is clear and it's OK for Jon to come home. We even managed to have a sort-of decent dinner last night instead of cereal. Take out subs from Jimmy Johns. I said "sort-of decent". The process of cleaning up took much longer than I expected because I got so sidetracked along the way. The easiest thing to do was to just gather everything up and take it down stairs to my studio. That was just the beginning of the problem. There's so much fun stuff to play with there. I re-skeined a hand dyed hanks and - wow. Yarn that I had just been so-so about, took on a whole new look. I had to quickly stop that time killer. I stared organizing books on my shelves. Didn't know I had some that I had. I thought about book labeling all the books. Time killer.
Eventually, I got things put away and pulled out a few relics to begin work on the lining for the Larger than Life bag.

This is an IRON. Its metallic surface gets very hot. You press it on to cloth surfaces to make them flat and smooth.

This is a SEWING MACHINE. It is used to attach fabric pieces together with stitches.

I own both of these modern wonders. I don't currently posses the brain capacity to understand how to make the lining and will be ripping out the "practice lining" I made last night and trying again today or at some point. And yes, Vicki, I had to call my mom. She had to come over and show me how to thread the sewing machine, which, I might add, I had done correctly. There is some little dial on the back of said machine that allows its little feet to pop up and move the fabric along. Neither of us knew about that little bugger. Thankfully, Mom doesn't charge for house calls.

Oh, and look what I found along the way. Remember the Log Cabin Blanket? Neither did I. Good thing I located it. This blanket is going to become the "blankie" for my friend's adopted son, Lou, when he arrives in the States from Guatemala. He's scheduled to arrive sometime in June or July. Lucky I found it. It needs a few more rounds, a nice crochet edging and lots of love!

It's the last day of school (yippee!!). That means Field Day and Family Picnic (or "We're required to keep your kids for one more day and we really don't want to so what the hell, let's have some fun and invite you too!") . Do you want to see some pictures? See you tomorrow.