Friday, June 29, 2007

Friday Fish

In a nice sort of tuna salad way. I was headed out early Wednesday night and needed a quick, easy, dinner. Since I was alone and absolutely NO ONE in my house will eat tuna, it was the perfect time for me to make my favorite tuna salad.

OK - there is at least one other person who shares my appreciation for tuna. But he's not allowed on the counter during food preparation. Shoo - get down Tigger!! So, where were we?

Start with pretty bowl and 1 can of tuna. We prefer solid white solid albacore. If Chris is coming over, make sure that the contents are just tuna and water - no broth with soy! This is very important.

Add this must chopped celery ......

... and this much chopped onion ...

... and this much chopped cornichons.

Sea salt and cracked pepper to taste.
This much mayonnaise...

Some ripe tomatoes, fresh spring greens, and voila: dinner for one!

Wanna see what Jon had that night? Really, it was so good on Monday!! It was chicken with black beans rice and tomatoes. But mixed in bowl as leftovers, wouldn't you really rather have the tuna??

I'm driving to pick up Kathryn from camp tomorrow! My girlfriend visited them on Wednesday and reported that the girls are having a grand time. They had zero time to talk to her! That's the best news I could have heard. Have a great weekend