Monday, June 25, 2007

Don't Mind Me...

... this morning if I'm out of sorts. I'm tired and really cranky from spending 9 total hours in the car yesterday taking Kathryn up to camp and then LEAVING HER THERE. For a week. Alone, in the middle of nowhere. See, even the really sophisticated navigation system in the car proves it:
Mr. seems undeterred in his mission to deliver our daughter safely into the arms of the certain danger I am just sure awaits her at summer camp.
Wild animals are abundant in northern Minnesota. Did anybody think about that? I mean, what if a wild lion happens to come into her cabin?
Even Holli doesn't want her to go. See how sad she is? She spent the whole trip up to camp with her head on Kathryn's lap.

Did I mention that camp was just for one week?
Finally! The best friend!! Her cabin is just around the bay. Her mom will not spend 9 hours in the car today. You will not see her picture because - well, she look freaking fabulous!! However, we depend on that mom all week as the "emergency call" mom since she'll be at the cabin all week. She's going to Jet-Ski over and visit the girls on Wednesday. God Bless the cabin around the bay.
Looks just like home doesn't it? And it smelled just as good. And this was the good cabin choice because it is partially underground so it's naturally cool (damp) and refreshing (musty).

So, OK. The counselors don't look like serial killers or any other sort of freaks. In fact they are charming, wonderful, young ladies. The kind of girls whose parents probably worried about the same things I'm worrying about right now when they sent their girls off to camp. They promised to take good care of my little girl. I believed them.
Acceptance. She's staying. She'll be here for a week. I have to drive home now. I promised her I wouldn't cry if she wouldn't. She didn't. I didn't....until 9:00 last night when I was getting ready for bed and I was surrounded by all the baby pictures and little girl pictures. I lost it. Big time.

Have a great week at camp my sweet little girl young lady. I love you T & B. Mom.