Friday, June 08, 2007

Schoo-oo-oo-ol's Out For Summer!

I'm interrupting Fiber Friday for a few pictures (and summary) from yesterdays year-end festivities at St. Therese. I arrived at the end of Field Day which, based on the appearance of all the children must have included nothing but water games. 400 wet children. Not just damp, but soaking wet, filthy children. Lunch was served promptly at 10:00 AM - in the morning - pretty much just after I had finished breakfast. In order to avoid whatever catastrophe occurred last year, the Family Picnic Planners had us declare our lunch selection way back in, like, April. I apparently declared a cheeseburger. I discovered however, a flaw in the system when I got to the food line and saw that there was no way they could enforce my choice. However, it's a Catholic school. And really, do you want a hot dog at 10:00 in the morning any more than a cheeseburger?? And yes, I realize too that they couldn't force me to eat anything - but I had paid for it - way back in, like, April!!!

The BFFs - Ella, Maggie, Kenzie

Can you spot the Family Picnic Planners Fatal Flaw #2? You got it - Sno-Cones. The already wet, filthy, children are now, sticky, but fruity smelling. But they have really cute blue tongues.
And while the parents ate their lunches - alone - on the grass, the children ran wildly around, ignoring their parents. I'm left wondering why we call this the "Family Picnic". I caught this young man, we'll call him, "John" (because that's his name) trying to get down off the car before his mom found him happily sitting atop it. He was unsuccessful. His mom hopes that "John" will one day grow up to marry Kathryn. He has kind of a cute butt!! And a devilish grin!!

I give you the very best 4th grade teacher EVER!! Thank you, Mrs. Vidmar!

And the newest 5th grader. Congratulations on a great year Kathryn!Ahhhhhhhh, summer is here at last. I have such plans for us. Lots to do and see. Places to go.

Looks like she has other plans. Have a great weekend. And to all those who are out of school today- YIPPEE, YAHOO, HOORAY!!