Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Knitterly Visit

Chris and Jeanne were kind enough to invite me let me crash their knitting time this week while I manage through my childless week. A dose of other people's kids is sometimes just what you need when you're really missing your own. The presence of a box in the room had its usual hypnotizing effect on our friends Chaos and Mayhem.

"May, if you stay in there too long you'll wind up in some place called the U.K."

"Oh, that sounds very bad indeed. Do they have tuna there big kitty?"

I thought perhaps I was overdressed for a slumber party (Jeanne got a pair too, blue with sheep I think) but this is just a teeny bit of someones haul from her recent trip to through the Rockie Mountain area recently. Jealous much?

Oh look! There was something in that ginormous bag for me. But wait - these pictures are not for the sock-knitting faint-of-heart. Sorry - they're commercially knit!! But look how cute!!!

It's good to have friends!!