Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Dear Jon,

I know you've only been out of town since Monday, but a lot of things have happened since that time. Well, they haven't really happened so much as sort of - exploded around the house. And I was just wondering, as much as we miss you and everything, would there be any way at all that you could come home just a little bit later than you said...or at the very least, could you make sure to give us about six hours notice before you come home? And even with that, I'm not sure we I could undo the damage which has been done around here during your absence.

Monday I thought long and hard about putting the final seam in this sweater for Laura's baby. But I don't get my hair cut for two weeks. Well, that deadline is pretty far away. So. I just left that sweater out on the ottoman in the family room to ponder the situation and maybe think about some other stuff for a while.
Then I thought about this for a while. I got some interfacing from my mom on Sunday (when we went there to eat your chicken!) for the lining for my crochet bag. So I got the fabrics out and played around with my selections again and recalculated how much I would need as my bag is a titch smaller than in the pattern. But because I'm not finished with the bag, I had to put this on hold, so I left this stuff out. On the kitchen table. Where it still is now.

Here's the bag of my hand-dyed yarn I took to knitting group to show the girls yesterday morning. On the kitchen counter. Exactly where I left it. Yesterday morning.

I get kind of - distracted with you gone. It was really nice here yesterday and for a change no one was having their lawn mowed (I KNOW!!) so I spent some time on the porch enjoying the fresh air and working on my socks. Toe - up, seed stitch rib, in Jitterbug, Alizerine. I left them there. It's supposed to storm today so I'll probably rescue them at some point. (Mental note, get socks off porch before noon when storms are supposed to hit.)
Later when Kathryn was outside with Nicole eating her dinner of Cap'n Crunch cereal (don't worry, I had Grape Nuts), I worked on putting the panels together and crocheting the borders and side and bottom pieces for the Larger than Life bag. I finished it, and left it on the couch in the family room in kind of a heap. Just looked - yep still there. Cat sleeping on it.

This, this is SO not my fault. I believe the instructions were "Why don't you take those downstairs and we'll start a gallery of all your awesome school work there?" Pretty clever, eh? I mean really. Who wants her crap laying all over the house?

Car sock. But it's not working for me and I know I'll never make the second one. I need to find a better pattern for Lorna's Laces. In the mean time, I just left it in the car. Those needles are pretty sharp so don't sit on them or poke yourself with them.

So, bedtime last night and I can't find my socks to work on. Have you seen them? So I pull the Lutea Tank out. I'm having gauge issues. You understand those don't you honey? I'm on my third needle and this time it seems like it may work. In the mean time - yeah, it's upstairs on the bedside table. And so is the BIG knitting bag. The LL Bean one you trip over all the time? My room. My mess. I don't do into your work shop. Nuff said.

I'm glad you're coming home tomorrow. I miss you. But please, don't call today because I'm going to be pretty busy. It's pouring rain right now (10:15 AM CDT - the socks are wet! Why didn't you tell me it was raining??)

See you tomorrow.