Friday, June 15, 2007

Fiber Friday

I can be the biggest yarn snob ever at times - especially when it comes to mohair. But it's kind of a reverse snob thing since most mohair, for me, is so lovely to look at, but against my skin, not so much. Kidsilk Haze? Love it, love to look at it, hold it, knit it. Can't put it up against my skin. I have a whole bunch of Alchemy mohair in the stash that I guess I'm hoping will transmogrify into something else or everybody I know will be receiving fuchsia scarves for the next few years. This little gem however, is a goat of a different color. Crystal Palace, Kid Merino. I suspect its saving grace is its 44% micro/nylon content which you'd never guess when fondling this yarn. It still has the perfect amount of "mohairy-ness" to give it an airy look and feel, and merino wool to give it "uummph" and well, face it, something to actually hold on to the stitches. I bought it (on sale, important to remember) with this in mind. I probably won't do the Stevie Nicks ginormous bell sleeves, but the rest is OK. I think. And I don't think I would stand there looking so - uhm, frumpy if I were all dressed in pretty pink clothes. This is an Alchemy Pattern called "Femme Fatale". Oh, I get it! She's trying to look mysterious! Nope - I've seen the rest of the Alchemy pattern models, they all look frumpy and weird. Crystal Palace Kid Merino
28% Kid Mohair, 28% Merino, 44% Micro/Nylon
Color #4669, Blush; 240 yards
Retail price $5.70 Sale price $2.85 (Yeah baby!)
Thank you all for the kind words yesterday regarding my friend Helen. I feel very fortunate to have had the time I did with her and I know that I benefited greatly from the experience. I've been told that Brenda and I are welcome to go sit and knit in the bistro area anytime we want to. They have awesome cookies there so I'm thinking there's a Friday morning outing to the Sunrise Center in our future.
Have a great weekend. Wish a Happy Father's Day to the dad's around you.