Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Can You Push Me?

I need the kind of push to get me going again. Like when the swing slows down and you need to get up really, really high so you jump really, really far. This is all that remains on the little green sweater, sewing down half of one side of the collar. But it just sits - two days away from having to be in its intended recipient's hands.

These two - well. Wouldn't they look nice together? All it would take is a bit of stitching around the top and, zip, zap, zing - DONE!

A double-lined lining even! Now this, this took time. And math, planning, cutting, sewing, re-sewing, ironing. I'm just sayin'....
So what is it that keeps me from getting these two "so close, but so far" to-do items completed. Some may say it's the fact that I spent a wonderful day yesterday at the club pool with a girlfriend and her girls, and Kathryn and her friend (yep, I'm spoiled).

I'm thinking the answer lies here.

Please note that there is no Oprah sticker on the book which means I have had this book since BEFORE she deemed it cool.

So - push me! Sorry about the weird color here today - weird sky!!