Monday, June 11, 2007

Left Hanging

Summer must be here because I'm alone already. Jon mentioned last night that it would be so quiet sitting by himself eating breakfast. So, I got up this morning to have breakfast with him before he left for work. We sat together for about three minutes before I realized I totally misread that comment. I'm a morning person; he's not a person in the morning.

Kathryn slept at a friend's house last night. She'll be home by 9 at which point another friend will be here and I'll loose her to a day full of girl activities. I'll only be required it they need transportation or the oven.

I reserved our home theatre room last night for the final episode of "The Sopranos" so my girlfriend and I could watch it in big screen, surround sound, HD comfort (just like boys do when they watch sports). Since I was the only one home, the reservation process was largely ceremonial but in case Jon's nephew's graduation got over early (right!) I didn't want him coming home early and trying to watch something lame on the National Geographic Channel!!

I logged on to one of my favorite news sites this morning and this picture was front and center. Not only is this one of my greatest fears in life, but it sums up how all the previously mentioned events have left me feeling - I'm left hanging.