Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Happy Feet!

"Check out the new socks!" "Oooh, pretty!" "How come we don't get socks like that?" "Because we don't wear socks at all." "Do you think she could make flipper warmers?"
"Hurry, Kathryn's coming!!" "C'mon Little Guy, you have to keep up!"
"This way to the penguin shelf."
"Don't worry. We'll pull you up. Hang on. We're pulling as hard as we can!"
"Safe at last. What escape? We've been here the whole time!"

Seed Stitch Rib socks in Colinette Jitterbug #117 Alizerine
Size 0, 32 " Addi Turbo circular needle
Toe-Up,Turkish Cast-On, Short-Row heel
Started May 30, 2007 -- Finished June 17, 2007

My feet are very happy indeed, especially since I finally lost the air conditioning war on Saturday. The penguins are happy too. But me, I'm freezing!!!