Monday, January 14, 2008

What do ponies eat?

Because of the weird schedules around here, Jon, Kathryn and I had our small, family birthday celebration last night. We had some awesome cheese fondue followed by our favorite dessert of pound cake, slathered in warm vanilla pudding with chocolate chips.
There were token gifts (as the big bash was really quite enough!). In fact, I've been sworn to secrecy on the "token-ness" of the gifts and I'm keeping that promise. I made no such promise with Kathryn and asked her permission to share this with you. This gift itself cost very little. However, little, the reaction, the memory it holds and will carry forward, are indeed, priceless.

Her own words, in front of 100 people, December 29, 2007.
Mom’s 50th Birthday Speech

First of all, thank you all for coming to help my family and I celebrate my mom’s birthday. My mom, as you know is a very loving and kind person, and if she wasn’t, you probably wouldn’t be here this evening! My mom has been with me my entire life, and has supported me in an uncountable number of ways. She has always been there to carry my dad and I through good and hard times. When we are sad or hurt, she is there to tell us that we will get through this. When we are happy, she is always there to celebrate with us. My mom is a wonderful role model to me. She is strong, wise, and strives to do her best. I think of my dad and I like a flower and my mom as the stem. The flower cannot live without the stem, just like my dad and I wouldn’t do so well with out my mom…(no offense Dad!). The stem brings water to the flower, just like my mom provides us with what we need. The stem holds the flower up in any condition, rain or shine. Just like my mom supports my dad and me through hard times and good times.

My mom is very involved in my life. As if she wasn’t busy enough, being my
personal chauffeur (don’t worry Mom, 16 is only 5 years away!), she still has time to be involved in my school, church and community. My Mom is always asking me if she is a good mom. I always answer, “Yes, of course!” I mean, she must have done something right, because look at me!

And before I forget, Thank you, Mom and I love you T & B. Happy Birthday, Mom!

I'm off to buy her a pony, or a car, or to get that kid from High School Musical to arrange a date with my daughter. I mean what would you do?