Wednesday, January 23, 2008


The long weekend provided plenty of time to knit on "Cobblestone". It's been quite a while since I've started a sweater - Rogue was my last one and I think that was three years ago. I'm feeling the beginnings of a commitment-phobia coming on. I've knit just about 8 inches into the body which is about half way. Just when it hits. The pattern is simple enough at this point, Round and round, breaks of garter stitch at the sides to keep you awake. And I have to keep going because it's for Jon. And I have to save my strength for when I get to the short-rows in the yoke - oh, and the sleeves.I'm OK with the Wool of the Andes in Chestnut. It's really more chocolaty brown that chestnuty. So, it's smooth, and chocolate, and round, and shiny and all I can think about are those damn chocolate donuts from Sunday morning . . . the ones that went "missing"! Then I remembered this little treasure from my very dear friend Amy, who loves a good chocolate donut as much as the next person. Now I'm speed knitting through this sweater, renamed "Chocolatestone" because I can't wait to see my little chocolate donut to remind me of how funny that whole thing was.
And thank goodness those brain trusts in charge of the school district gave the children this coming Friday off too! Who knows how many times I can see the donut with another three day weekend!