Wednesday, January 02, 2008

My Favorite Things

Not to diminish anything else I got for Christmas but, as Fraulein Maria once sang, "These are a few of my favorite things..." Jon, without any prompting, nagging, suggestions from elves or mental telepathy, did all his own research and bought me a spinning wheel. An Ashford Traditional Single Drive. Clearly, I have a lot of learning to do, like, it only goes backwards at this point, as in counterclockwise. Or maybe I put it together wrong? Hmmmmm....
With a little help from a Christmas elf, I was able to not-so-discreetly (I guess) request, and magically receive,my first ever sets of Blue Moon sock blockers, also from Jon. I asked for them in two sizes since I have really small feet and most other people have grown up feet. However, at the rate I knit actual "pairs" of socks this past year, I could have gotten away with one blocker in each size instead of two pair. Here's to more pairs in 2008!
From my BFF Julie (AKA Julie - from up the street) this beautiful hank of Malabrigo Thick and Thin in Cucumber and Melon and some handmade stitch markers that I couldn't seem to track down at the time I was photographing things. This from a non-fiber person! I know what you're thinking - how'd she ever come up with this idea? She's just that smart and knows me REALLY well. The people in my house asked "What do you do with that? Do you knit it, or spin it, or what?"

"No mahn - I love ma doggie dreadlocks just tha way thay ahr mahn!"

Finally, and perhaps the best gift however, is the one I made sure happened. I gave Jon a Rebel Canon Rebel XTi camera and Santa brought Kathryn a Kodak EasyShare C513 camera. That left me with the family camera for my own. That's of course if Jon was a complete idiot and didn't read all the signs and hints that what I really wanted was my own simple, little camera. And so I received my very own Nikon CoolPix S51C. As you can see from these photos, I still have a pretty big learning curve here too.
Having four extra people in my house for the holidays made it much harder to post that I had anticipated but I read blogs everyday until someone yelled for clean towels, breakfast, a ride somewhere, lunch, or a cocktail. It was grand. But I'm glad to be back.