Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Pinky Promises

Wonder what could make a normally shy, reserved, girl laugh like so hard? First, a story of three friends and some promises. Like the "200 Pound Pledge" - where if any of us gets to be 200 pounds the other two will gently coax the needles out of her hands and suggest walking instead of knitting. The "No Acrylic Pledge" which means unless it is clearly indicated as a gag gift, one cannot give acrylic yarn as a gift to the others. There's the "Flourless Cake Tradition". We just love the cake so much that it's almost always served when we get together. We get together a lot - which may explain the need for the "200 Pound Pledge" come to think of it!
I was the first to institute the clothing pledges. Like no "pant suits" - velour, swishy material or otherwise!! Absolutely no embroidered sweatshirts with cute bunnies or creatures made out of thumbprints ("Thumbunny Loves Me!"), or dogs, or cats - no matter how much we love them. You all no what I mean - maybe you own some and I'm really sorry if I offend. But damn it - just because I'm 50 now, doesn't mean I'm going to start wearing "those" things.

My wonderful friends, my dearest knitting pals, the ones who know just how to get to me. gave me this last night.

It's totally me isn't it? I'm wearing it the next time I'm out in the world with them and proudly declaring "I got it from my friends!" And from a grrlfriend who says "You're only as young as your underwear" I'm wearing one of these underneath.

Happy Birthday Jeanne! If 50 is the new 35, then 40 is the new 25!! We're just babes aren't we!!

Doesn't Chris look a bit more guilty than jean over the whole embroidered T-shirt joke??

Thank you all so much for the wonderful birthday wishes. I sat with Kathryn and read them all and when I got a bit misty, she said, "It's like getting a little kiss from them isn't it Mom?". Indeed it was, indeed it was. So, many, many kisses back to you all for sharing in my day and in my life.