Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Two More Gifts and a Box

Birthday - still not over. But I'm hoping that Sunday night's dinner at my sister-in-law's house was the last of it. Really, I'm just as sick of it as you are. I did score a few things over the weekend that are worth noting however. My father-in-law, who did an awesome job with the Christmas present this year, took a big chance on this. I call in a noise machine, but Brookstone calls it a "Tranquil Moments Sound Therapy System". It rocks! It has noises to fall asleep and noises to rejuvenate. Some night I may, just for fun, listen to the rejuvenate noise while trying to sleep and see what happens. Seriously - this is way better than falling asleep to "Law and Order" reruns!

From Guinifer - that little darling of sock yarn enablers and now renamed "Precious Present Purveyor", gorgeous Oceanwinds sock yarn and Persephone's Sock Pattern (saving me hours of scouring your Ravelry queues for just the right pattern!) Thank you so very much G! (Not her real initial!)
Jon also treated himself recently. To what I'm not sure - face it, I'm never sure what comes in all the boxes of stuff he gets. He probably feels the same about my stuff. All I know is it came in a big box.
Which has taken over the front hall. And has become some one's new playground and secret lair.
Mind you - like all creatures of this species - she has no thumbs. She had to carry this EMPTY (before you all yell at me) prescription bottle in her mouth and jump into the box.
Same with the spatula - a new favorite toy. She carries it everywhere. Don't let that dog nose fool you - Holli was no help here. Again with the no thumbs deal.