Monday, January 21, 2008

Sunday Breakfast

Let me just tell you how this went down. I figure the scones, in the hard plastic package, were the first to come down. The teethmarks would indicate that they tried desperately to gain access into that package. The four chocolate doughnuts (selected especially by the other two human members of the family for their Sunday breakfast) in the white bag were then easy prey.

"Keep your eyes open for the people, Holli - I'll let you know when it's your turn!"
"Let's just check, make sure we didn't leave anything in the bag. Who knows when they'll ever get around to feeding us or if they'll even remember to feed us!"

"Yep. Looks like we did a pretty good number on these doughnuts. If the man had just left his coffee cup somewhere close by - now that - THAT - would have been great!"

"Don't worry Sammy - I'll get these crumbs. Mom really hates it when we leave a mess."

My guess - Kathryn won't leave stuff on the counter after making hot chocolate in the microwave again.