Friday, January 11, 2008


A is for Alpaca
Pure wool is often too itchy for me so I usually am drawn to alpaca or alpaca blends. It didn't surprise me then when I found this representative sampling of the alpaca in my stash.
Berroco Ultra Alpaca Lite;colors 4275 Pea Soup Mix, 4201 Winter white. I'm using this for the Bird in the Hands Mittens - one of which is finished!
Misti Alpaca Lace; colors 7300 Maize, VD8305, RJ2004. You really don't need much of this to qualify it as a stash. Plus, there are probably 4 balls of Natural White stashed somewhere from the Un-Mystery Shawl, and 2 Mauve left over from when I decided that some other shawl was just fine the way it was.Misti Alpaca Worsted; color 2105 Moss Gray Melange. I bought this for the Veste Everest from Interweave Fall 2005. If yarn were cheese, this would almost be expired!
Araucania Atacama; color 507. I have had a love /hate relationship with this yarn. I loved it when I bought it; then I sort of went sour on it. Now - now that I really want to use it for the Pinwheel Sweater, I think I need to scrounge around the Internet for a few more skeins. Damn - I hate this yarn again.

Oh - but look at it......