Monday, January 28, 2008

Yesterday ...

... Amy hosted a lovely afternoon of knitting and conversation and laughter. I only captured one side of the room but I think someone else got the other side.
Renee, (the one with the REALLY good movie reviews!!), Connie and Christy,
Deepa and Anne. This is where you get to respond back with your blog because I didn't quite catch it! Oh, and Deepa - you left wearing someone else's boots. Call Amy to arrange a boot meet up and exchange.
Leaving off at Christy, we have another Deb and intentionally blogless Marge. She is a knitter and my new best friend-goddess-spinner. This in know way makes her any more of a goddess or more of a new best friend than my other new best friend and goddess, Shelley, who became my spinning Coach (better title than teacher) on Saturday. But that's a story for another day. Or if you are Chris and Jeanne, it's probably a story for another blog I'm guessing.
This the back of a Mystery Persons head. Isn't her hair beautiful. It smells really lovely too. All the time. That's her lovely shawl under her beautiful hair. Through some transfer process, her shawl smells really good too. Behind her is headless Amy.

But the best moment for me (and after all, it is my blog, therefore, all about me) was getting to meet another BBFIAKIHBNMIP (Best Blog Friend I Always Knew I Had But Never Met In Person). This was as good as when I met Vicki in person, only then I had to go to Eau Claire and Vicki had to go to Eau Claire. This time Kathy had to drive really far (from WISCONSIN) and I only had to go 5 miles. This is one lovely lady. Everything I expected her to be. I think we're twins! Plus she's best friends with Brad Pitt. I think she liked me.

Thank you, Amy! It was a really wonderful afternoon.