Thursday, January 10, 2008

Pass the Spaghetti

It goes with out saying that the bigger the gag gift, the more lovely the "real" presents are. Jeanne and Chris never disappoint! Really - do knitters ever? From Jeanne, The Yarn Lover's Guide to Hand Dyeing. I just love it, even just holding the pretty pages in my hands. From Chris, A Marie Mayhew Wooly Chicks pattern with Frog Tree Alpaca and Celia's Fiber to make a chick; a Sheep Needle Felting Kit from WoolPets; tiny stitch markers from Hide and Sheep (worth it JUST for the super cool containers they come in!!); and stitch/row markers and mini-chibis (but WHAT IF I WANTED the elusive orange container!!) from Entrelac Stitch Markers. You guys are just the best - Thank you for driving to the far western suburbs and thanks for spoiling me rotten!

Oh - the spaghetti! We aren't exactly here yet with the whole two cat thing.....
....."butt", we're getting close!