Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What's In Your Microwave?

This new kitty is everywhere. And steals everything. First it was just my kitchen sponges. Cute. Now, it's dinner. Sunday night she got into the bowl of bread cubes for the fondue and helped herself. What she couldn't eat, she plopped over the edge of the table for Holli. The rest of the loaf of bread was rescued before being hauled off to the "secret kitty lair", where my lost sponges must be! Later that evening, Jon found the last piece of flour-less chocolate cake, tucked under a sweater he picked up on his way upstairs. Um - if I had remembered it was still on the counter I would have eaten it. This afternoon I saw her scamper away with a fork and a chicken breast - although not at the same time.

So now I've resorted to this. Everything it the kitchen that looks, smells, or feels like food, has to be locked up. I swear, we didn't child-proof the house this much for Kathryn. Not sure what I'll do when I have to use the microwave. (Don't freak - I'm thawing the ground beef - I don't usually keep it out all the time.)
Before you tell me that she's so sweet and innocent - look what she did to a package of brownie mix on Monday morning while I was taking Kathryn to school:

Sweet, innocent - with freaking sharp little snicketty-snicket teeth.
I hope she can't learn how to press the "Open" button. Or the "Start" button for that matter.