Thursday, January 24, 2008

Still Celebrating

In an effort to drag out the birthday celebration for as long as possible, I spent a lovely afternoon lunching and "new yarn storing" with Amy and Miss T. Traveling really far out of my 5 mile comfort zone (into NE Minneapolis!!) we met at Gardens Of Salonica for a fabulous Greek lunch. We all tried different things and there wasn't anything bad on the table. Since Mr. wouldn't eat Greek food if he was starving, it was such a treat for me.

And then there were treats for me. From Amy:

This really crappy picture of an absolutely gorgeous skein of Wollmeise in colorway "Bob". "Marley" we surmised. No - I really got the yarn - just took the crappy picture. I have never, ever, even touched or seen in person the Wollmeise before. I like this birthday!

Here's a little bit better picture. When I see beautifully dyed yarn like this, I always think: "I could do that." Then I think "But why, when it's already there and ready to use!"

From Miss T, two skeins of Panda Silk. We had a good laugh over this as the label indicates that the silk content is 5%, while bamboo is 52% and merino wool is 43%. We decided we didn't care because it's lusciously soft just the same.
Then a special little treasure bee-cause you can't have too many tape measures. Shortly after this picture was taken, the tape measure was snatched up and lovingly placed in the secret kitty lair. Alas, I didn't get a picture.
Really - do you think the traditional cultural handicrafts of Vietnam included making bumble bee covers for plastic tape measures? Thank you Miss T.
The we went "new yarn storing" to a lovely store - Bella Lana . We were all attracted to the Italian Greyhound (Enzo) who was quite at home in the sunny front window. The store itself was wonderful; bright, sunny, clean, nice staff. They would need a lot more sock yarn to get me back there though.

What bag?? Oh that bag? That's nothing. Just some stuff I picked up. I'll have to show it to you another day.