Sunday, January 06, 2008


I didn't just magically "turn" 50 today. Rather, somehow, by luck, good grace, genetics, sheer will, or whatever, I have "become" 50. I wouldn't say it was a smooth trip. The road had many bumps, u-turns, and dead ends. I took a few wrong exits and wound up in some strange places. But, with exceptional guidance, I learned to navigate the rough roads and find my way to this place and this person.
Mom & Dad

Any good road trip needs traveling companions. The ones who will cheer you or jeer you equally. The ones who will steal your favorite sweater and then later hold your hair back when your vomiting all over it and begging "Don't tell Mom!" The ones who all had their babies before you, despite all being younger than you because, well again, there were those dead ends - these are the people who taught me about being a parent, when for the most part - I raised them!!

The Siblings - Diane, Daniel, Me, Dennis, Donna, David

I found my destination when I stopped looking for one and just let the road take me where it would. Funny, the road didn't have far to take me since unbeknown to either of us, he lived in the building next door to me, a fact we learned when I gave him my address for our first official date. Jon's part of this trip with me has likely seen the most dramatic changes - almost all for them positive (except for cutting my hair). From late 30s through 40s and to 50; from DWF to wife and mother of one. Trust me - it was like Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. And Jon still buys a new ticket for the ride every day.

Thankfully, someone was patient and waited until I was ready. The daughter who is raising a mother, who reminds me everyday that I'm only as old as the style of the clothes I wear. Who brought me breakfast in bed this morning because Jon is out of town for the week .
At a certain age you begin to realize that you can pick your own friends. They no longer have to be people you work with or college pals. Just people you like because they make you happy. For the past few years I have found myself surrounded by people who make me happy. They have helped me grow and live better and find out new stuff about myself. I'm keeping them, they are mine. You can play with them too because I will share.

Jeanne's Michael, Jeanne, Chris, Sue B (Tuesday Morning Knitting Group)

All these pictures were taken at the 50th Birthday Party the Jon threw for me on December 29th. It was the most awesome party I've ever been to, let alone ever had in my honor. Since lots of you couldn't be there (as much as I would have loved to fill the room with knitters) will you help me celebrate today?

I am 50! It's the new 35!