Friday, January 25, 2008

To Me, From Me

It's no big secret that I purchased a little bit of yarn at the new yarn store while out visiting on Wednesday. But it was just two things: ten of one thing and one of another. Yes, that might sound like eleven things, but it's not. Trust me.Hacho, from Marisol Yarns in color 300. I liked this sweater but didn't think I needed to spend $20.00 to buy the book to make a 3x3 ribbed cardigan. Maybe because I have this handy, dandy software to do the hard work for me. There, saved $20.00 plus tax. Second purchase was a lovely skein of Kureyon Sock yarn in S92. I scoured the Internet, Ravelry, Chris' project queue, for hours about two minutes and found the perfect pattern for this yarn.
There, saved tons of time. Which I'm going to need. The Wollemeise inspector is here. Looks like I have some chasing to do.