Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Few Random Bits

  • I got up extra early this morning (5:30 A freaking M) to be able to take Kathryn to school and then make an 8:00 physical therapy appointment across town. I was actually happy when I learned that it had been cancelled because I was already showered and dressed and wouldn't have to waste time when I got home to do all that. Somehow that just seems whack to me!
  • Before we could bring Sammy home, she had numerous treatments for the fungal infection, ringworm (not actually a worm). She had it really bad and there was a chance she might be un-adoptable. She was shaved twice so that she could be dipped for treatment. She was finally cleared of this infection so that we could bring her home. When a quarter-sized itchy, painful, red patch appeared on my neck over the weekend, I began watching it. I watched it all weekend and then started looking up "itchy red patch in a ring" on webmd and convinced myself I had ringworm (again, not a worm!). To further prove to myself that Sammy would have to be sent to a horrible place and I would have to send a note to school informing all the parents that their children had been exposed to ringworm (which they would all assume WAS a worm) I went to Urgent Care last night. I was so completely thrilled and elated to learn that the itchy red patch on my neck was NOT ringworm, that I had to have the nice doctor explain several times just how serious shingles could be and just how miserable I'm likely to feel for the next several weeks. But Sammy's OK and we don't have to give her back - isn't that great!!
  • Finally, the "Secret Kitty Lair" and this morning's contents are revealed:
  • The drain stop from the kitchen sink, a red carnation, and a pencil. I'm not touching it.