Thursday, July 10, 2008

Watch this Space

I've finally reached that place called lonely and I find I'm really looking forward to Jon's returning home this evening. He leaves for London on Saturday but by then Kathryn will be home so at least I'll have a buddy.

But while he's home, and before the camper returns, we're playing:
"Extreme Makeover: Pre-Teen Bedroom Edition"!

We've sent the occupant away to a swanky location for a week and in two nights we are going to transform this room (recently declared "baby-ish") into a pre-teen dream suite. The occupant knows nothing of this plan. "Nothing" as in she has been whining for months that she wants a bigger bed and if she promises to keep her room tidy could we please consider getting her one. It should be further noted the included in the "pre-teen dream suite" is one new bed with new bed linens, and one new night table. There will be NO new painting, NO new wall things, NO new fluffy things upon which we rest our butts. OK - maybe some new window treatments - but that's it. Further, this bed, the one she wants, looks a lot like this bed, so guess which one she's getting. In this version of Extreme Makeover, there is NO megaphone, NO really loud obnoxious guy with that weird facial hair just below his bottom lip (unless Jon has grown some in four days in which case he should just stay at the airport for that trip to London), and NO limo delivering the occupant back home to see her new dream suite. This sounds like a real labor of love doesn't it. Stay tuned!

And check back to see if Sammy ever gets out of the bathroom she managed to lock herself into yesterday. And again this morning. She loves playing with the door stop and manages to shut the door on herself a few times every day!