Friday, July 25, 2008

10 Minute Tour

It was a dark and stormy morning and all the animals were gathered in the studio for the spinning update.I finished spinning three bobbins of super-wash merino in Chocolate Cherry. And on the excellent advice of Sweetpea16 (Thank you! I think I found you on Ravelry?) I took and ordinary little kitchen thing to aid in plying my first three ply yarn.

It might have helped if it hadn't come off the jar of dill weed, but at least it wasn't cumin.
Ready, set . . .
. . ply! What a great way to make what I only assumed would be a ginormous mess, easy. And in no time at all, I had . . .
. . . which looks like this up close. I LOVE three ply. It feels so - complete.
That complete, I pulled this out of the stash. "Pastel Blissout" in 50% merino 50% tencel from Three By Hand. It's proving a little tricky for me. More slippery than I'm used to and it seems like it doesn't really want to be drafted at all. Does that make sense?

But it sure looks and feels pretty!!

I know that it will want to be chain plied but that's a story for another day!