Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Ten Minute and Tour Spinning

Since I'm already participating in the 10-minute A Day Spinning Challenge, joining the Tour-de-Fleece wasn't much of a stretch. I've had plenty of time this summer so far to both knit and spin and I'm finding the balance of both to be quite enjoyable. Saturday I finished spinning, plying and washing and Merlot Sparkle super wash merino for 525 yards of YARN!Sunday afternoon I spent time at Open Spinning at the Fiber Studio. Lovely shop, lovelier people! While there I began to worry that I might run out of fiber to spin during the Tour. When I got home, I worried that I might run out of space to store the stuff I bought to overcome the above listed fear.Solution to Fear 2: re-purpose a storage unit tossed from Kathryn's room during a recent "I want to make my room look more like a teenager's room" event. Solution to Fear 1:

Buy stuff and put it in the drawers. Full details on the "stuff" in another post. Right now, I'm still just in awe of it.

But this, this I can show because I'm giddy in love with it. It's an Opalescence Fiber Cloud of hand-dyed mohair, wool, alpaca, silk and glitz and blended on a 100 yr. old carding machine! The colorway is Pretty In Pink. You grab a puff ball of the fluff and spin it - it's cheesy and sweet and I just love it madly. I'm more than half way through a 4 ounce bag of fluff in two nights of spinning. It's the first spinning project I've started where I actually have a knitting project in mind!How long is the Tour?