Thursday, July 17, 2008


Remember back in the old days (before I had my OWN digital camera) when I was borrowing the old digital camera? And further remember that there were times when said camera would take trips and leave me camera-less? Now, the old-icky digital camera frequently takes work trips with Jon because HIS new personal digital camera (yes, I realize what snots this makes us seem like) is too nice to take on work trips. This recent trip the old-icky camera began sending pictures back to me from all the fabulous places visited. I hate this. Seriously.Hate.This. It's one thing to show me the pictures when you get home. It's another to leave your family under the pretense of work, and then have the balls to send back "Hey, look at all the cool places I'm going to without you in this great city that you've never been to!" The camera even includes witty little captions with it's pictures. I'd ask you to guess where the camera went - but it's oh, so evident. The camera never lies.
"Looks like a good spot for a pint."

"Mmmm tastes like beer."

"Just cause it's so London."
"Trying not to lose my head!"

"Too cool."

"Just missed William mooning us from the window."
"You can tell they need to be changed when they get fussy."
"Lots of dead people in the Abby."
"Anyone got the time?"
I hate the old, icky camera.