Friday, July 11, 2008

Just Crazy

Big excitement yesterday! Yes, Jon came home and got right to work putting the bed together but my day was better. I had plans to meet up with Jeanne. You remember Jeanne don't you? You'll note the absence of a linky-link here because you'll no doubt recall that Jeanne has gone dark, as in blogless, a fact she rather shamelessly say she does not miss, not at all, not one bit (I'll pause for the collective gasps). Our plans were to lunch and knit and celebrate her new job which will give her a perk of being able to travel with reckless abandon - once she gets over her fear of flying. But in the meantime - doesn't she look happy? Say "Hi Jeanne!"
It's Crazy Days in Excelsior (otherwise known as "put all the stuff that hasn't sold in years on a table, under a tent, outside your store and see if the tourists coming in from the city will buy it now"). Jeanne arrived just as the gates of hell opened up and unleashed a wicked thunderstorm upon us; we waited for a break before heading into Excelsior for lunch at our favorite 318 Cafe.
Hmmmmmm. Something is amiss; this doesn't look so crazy. Where are the madding crowds and cars? The vast sea of humanity?
Or the vendor tables that used to be in this spot. Ah, the storm. Literally blew most of the tents and stuff away. Along with the power in many of the stores, including 318 Cafe so lunch was at Jake O'Connor's instead. I think we might have been the first ever knitters there. But knit we did until we could venture back out on to the street and survey the damage.
Oh thank goodness, the giant lemon survived - along with it's inhabitant.

I have the lemon's business card if you ever find yourself in need of a giant lemon for some kind of function.

Oh and look!! The power came back on at the yarn store too. Sale continues through Saturday!