Friday, July 18, 2008


. . . is for NOSES.
I have always had a thing for noses. All kinds of noses.

Holli's "snow nose" which turned this color during her first winter. We were told that Golden's noses turned this color in the winter and then turned back to black every summer. Never did. This nose wakes me up if I oversleep and don't feed her in time. It also rests itself on my lap when she needs to be pet or loved just a bit more. Who could resist that nose?

Most times, this is a nose only a mother could love. It is, more often than not, covered with snot. Yes, she still sneezes. Incessantly. Constantly. And when she does, we all run for cover. And then for Lysol. The vet says it is just her lot in life (being a garbage kitty child of a crack-mom that she is). But really, it's such a shiny, pretty and regal looking nose that I'm just so willing to overlook disgustingly gross tiny indiscretion. See how soft and shiny it looks?

I even love bitchy, pissy noses. Ones with uneven lines down them and small black dots that I keep trying to pick off only to get hissed at because apparently it's permanent. I can't remember everything. And see how the white around the nose part is uneven. It bugs me, but, well, it's a nose.

Seriously - I need to elaborate on this nose? Just look at how it turns up just a teensy-weensy tiny bit at the end. I always wanted that kind of nose. But alas, I just gave her the genes for it.

And this nose, recently home from London. Just about as perfect as you can get.

N is for noses.