Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ever Present

One of the questions I'm asked often (by people who don't understand that it's the process, not the product that matters most!) about my hand-dyed yarn is "What are you going to DO with all of that?" As if looking at it weren't enjoyment enough! I never question the collection of power tools in the basement - just sayin'.

That said, one of my favorite things to do with a very special skein is to find a matching gift bag and matchy-matchy tissue paper . . .

. . . wrap it up all nice and pretty-pretty (yes - this qualifies and nice and pretty in my house!)

. . . and take it up to the yarn store as a birthday gift for a special person I used to work with!

Happy Birthday Becky! Love ya!

I hope there a lot more birthdays coming up, cuz there's another Dye Day coming soon!!