Monday, July 07, 2008


. . . is for MEMENTOS.
Somehow it became a tradition to bring back a shot glass whenever we traveled anyplace new. Wouldn't it be fun, we said, to have shot glasses from all the cool, new places we traveled either separately or together.
This soon devolved. I've never been to Seattle, although I hear they have a Space Needle there. All of a sudden shot glasses became the de-facto "Crap - I need to bring something back from this trip. Oh hey - I'm at the airport, here's a shot glass. Done!" I am WAY more guilty of this than the world traveller is. Then other people would bring us back shot glasses from their travels (Yeah - I REALLY want a memento of YOUR trip!!)
So now the shot glass collection is out of control, especially for two people who really don't drink all that much and if they were going to fix a mixed drink would never dream of being limited by the boundaries imposed upon them by a shot glass. Especially one the size of Mt. Rushmore, shown here next to it's full size cousin, Wall Drug.There are some in the collection which really speak to me, such as this one which says "Perhaps this is how he got his name" or "Really - Goofy advertising booze? What's next - The Olson Twins in a sex scandal?"And then there's this really clever one. Wow! No wonder no one lives there. "Come for the shot glass; stay for the fun."
Seriously, what were the requirements for this prize?
But my all time favorite - from Jon's time at Caterpillar, in the category of "Why Bother" . . .
Most of these have very special memories for me; we can trace career paths and vacation cycles through these tiny mementos. Some have been places I've never been and some have come from places Jon & Kathryn haven't been. Maybe we'll all meet up together someplace and make some new memories.

. . . is for MEMENTOS.