Wednesday, July 16, 2008

TDF - 1 2 3

Lucky for me the Tour de Fleece is during my forced solitude. I've found plenty of time to sit and spin and watch all the new summer TV shows like "Burn Notice" (loved it), The Closer"(loved it), Saving Grace" (didn't love it at all), & "The Cleaner" (want to like it 'cuz it has Benjamin Bratt but will have to give it a few episodes). This week, "Psych".

Unlike knitting, I'm also finding it remarkably easy to stay dedicated to one project at a time. I realize this could be easily remedied with the purchase of another wheel, or more economically with the simple purchase of a few more bobbins. So far I've resisted. With the wonderful things hiding in the stash studio, how long will that last I'm wondering?

So the latest, almost completed project is a super wash merino in "Chocolate Cherry". I started this on the opening day of the TDF at Open Spinning at the Fiber Studio and have worked on it every day since. With a little bit of time on the pink fluff too!! It's lovely and once I realized that I had been drafting it incorrectly and holding WAY too much fiber in my left hand, everything got much better. It seemed to spin up as easy as . . .

. . . one . . .

. . . two . . .

. . . three.

I'm planning to make a three-ply - my first attempt! How hard can that be? It's just one more than a two ply - right?? RIGHT??
Although this is my first problem, I can't find the end on this bobbin - anywhere!
"NO WAY! I can't even find the basket of
fluff any more so don't blame me. Maybe the dog did it, but I DID NOT do
it Mom. I'm truthing!!"