Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Book Deal

When is a book deal a book deal? I cherish my knitting book collection and never thought twice about plopping down cold hard $$ for books to round our same. When I was working at the yarn store it was a no brainer - discount. Good discount! Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Knit Picks prices are always way below retail; JoAnn's or Michael's almost always have coupons which include knitting books.

So why then, when I went into one of the two local yarn stores ** that are closing their doors forever, did I labor over these two books for so long? They were 40% off. Probably better than I'd get at any of the above. (OK I didn't go do the research but I'm sure someone will.)

One, I'm just not a bag person. Two, I'm so over felting things. As you might guess "Bag Style" has bags, many of which are felted. But it also has these patterns:

Like there aren't free patterns for market bags just like this ALL over the internet!!

Crochet - I love crochet!

Crochet - I love crochet!

BIG crochet - we'll see!

And while "Favorite Mittens" has many things I don't think I would like to make, it has this wonderful anatomy of the hand and general instruction on knitting mittens which could be valuable.Then there's this whole thing about the Fox and the Geese Mittens - the one pair I DO want to make.
NO fox, NO geese! Even the author says they have no pictoral relation whatsoever to either animal. They must think this is really funny up in Maine!

So . . . $21.95 x 2 = $43.90 - 40% = $26.34 for 5 things I might want to make. That's about $5.00 per pattern. Deal or no deal?

** No one really cares that these stores are closing. For proof, go read all about it on here and here Ravelry!