Monday, July 14, 2008


Moment One:
I know it doesn't look much different but that's a full size bed replacing the twin bed and all new bed stuff. The bed has cabinets and cubby holes underneath to hide all the crap treasures associated with being 11. New curtains too- they might be a work in progress.
Add one preteen girl returning from a week of camp who instantly new something was up. I don't know how she knew, but she did. A dad strategically placed in the room with a camera was key to capturing the exact moment sheer joy was revealed.

"I'm never leaving." And so she hasn't.

Moment 2: Granddaughters presenting their Poppa with a home-made ice cream cake in honor of his 78th birthday at a party at our house last night.

Proudness is beautiful!
Moment 3: Stay tuned. Today Kathryn will get some news that her very best friend is moving away. This is is certain to rock her young world. I hope I have the strength to help her through this as I am also loosing abeautiful, trusted, dear, and wonderful friend.