Friday, December 14, 2007

The Things We Saw

My favorite blog photos from 2007, and a bonus! Pictures are definitely worth a thousand words; so here are
January: Tigger's birthday greeting to Jeanne.
February: Log Cabin Squares, knit by the Tuesday morning Knitting Group girls on our knitting retreat. This trip and everything about it is probably one of my top three memories of 2007.

April: If all it's going to do in Cancun when you're only there for four days is rain, then drink shots. Lots of shots. and play a dice game you don't know the rule for. Especially if the rules include taking pieces of your clothing off in front of strangers when you loose. Oops, did I forget to tell you guys that part in April?
May: Still haven't thrown out the cage, but there still isn't a replacement hamster.
June: The dads in my family gathered on Father's Day. Bad picture but I love seeing them all together.
July: Baby Lou makes his first visit to knitting group fresh from Guatemala.

August: All the girl cousins and soon-to-be sister-in-law, Helen (far left) gathered for my parent's 50th anniversary week. For all the pissing and moaning I did about this week, it was a great time with my family and right up there in the top five memories of the year.
September: One of several "Dye 'N Dine" Saturday afternoons. with Chris and Jeanne. This one included a "mysterious", new guest however and was even more fun!
October: I know she's all better and everything, but I really miss having lunch with Chris...and the cats ... and sometimes it seems ...
November: ... like I see her more than him lately!
December: At this moment, Holli is asleep in her new bed. The added bonus to this new routine is that Tigger now sleeps in the bed with Holli at night. I swear, our bed just got three feet wider.Finally, my favorite blog photo of the year, and based on comments and the amount of new commenters as a result of the post, it must have been other's favorite too. From These Little Wonders
"Does this bolero make my butt look big?"