Tuesday, November 13, 2007


The weary traveler returned home from Ft. Lauderdale late Friday afternoon. Even though he missed his actual birthday while he was away, we spoiled him rotten while he was gone with an FTD chocolate tower. On Saturday morning he was showered with the regular booty of best dad and husband gifts. We didn't see him much after he got the iTouch! For all your birthday wishes and comments, Mr. had this to say:

He truly is a man of few words - but was thrilled that you all checked in on his special day. Next up travel-wise, he will abandon us while we are all in San Diego for Thanksgiving to travel to Australia, come home for a week and then on to Berlin. Looks like Kathryn and I should stock up on cereal and noodles.

In other traveler news, I forgot that the post offices were closed yesterday when I left packages at the after-hours drop off. Oops! He doesn't look very happy at all does he? Lucky for us, he remembered where the breakfast stool was and sat right down next to Kathryn for his morning whine.

Wonder what's left in the box for kmkat?