Friday, November 16, 2007

We Made It

I grounded myself yesterday so that Flower Basket Shawl and I could finally come to terms with her completion. The final six rows and bind off took nearly 5 hours to complete.
She soaked for an hour or so while Kathryn and I visited with our new best friend, the orthodontist. I expect this to be a long relationship as well.
Tigger was most helpful in assisting me lay and pin FBS out for an overnight drying session on the now pinkish-tinged white towels used for blocking. They are on display now as the the "Shroud of FBS".
This morning Holli helped me pull up all the pins and promptly rolled all over the still damp towels. And because hanging the shawl over the blind in the family room was "different" she went and cowered in her hiding spot under my desk until it came down and the "all clear" siren was sounded.
So we made it. And on it goes today to the auction. Lucky for us there's more that enough left over for another shawl. For us!