Thursday, November 29, 2007

Picture This

Two sisters shopping in a trendy teenager store in Pacific Beach. At the urging of my sister I try on a pair of ridiculously too-young-looking, albeit cute, jeans with rhinestone studs all over the butt and front pockets and little charms on the zipper and my-oh-my they are so freaking cute and so...I buy them...because they fit. And they are not priced at as the label would have you believe at $225 but rather $74 (a price I'd never pay in the first place but come on!!)

Now we are home. In Minnesota. Where I'm generally more sensible about my clothing and appearance. So I wait until Tuesday to wear the new jeans out in public. Knitting group - no one laughed. In fact, I even had to point out that they were new jeans. Perhaps the new really cute top caught their attention first?

Piano lessons. This might be a good time to mention that the jeans are for a person about 6'5" tall. In order to wear my new jeans, I have to fold them up about six inches (What? I've seen it done!!!) and I wear boots. I bring my piano books, Kathryn's piano books, her basketball and dance stuff and my knitting bag with me to piano. My piano lessons are in the basement of the church/school where Kathryn goes. Down 16 steps. In boots and rolled up jeans. Where a boot heel could easily get caught in a cuff and....

Do you still need the camera?