Friday, November 30, 2007


The camera arrived home safely last night. And it came bearing gifts!! Perhaps the best gift was the camera owner who never looked so good! While not the longest trip he's been on, it was the farthest away he's been and that has a psychological effect on all of us. Kathryn flew out of the car to greet her daddy at the airport last night and we had to restrain Holli from doing the same. Once home and fed we got to go through the bags looking for our treasures. First up - Kathryn's. She was scared to death that snakes were going to pop out of this can, despite it being CLEARLY labeled as canned koala. She was momentarily stumped however by the fact that she had no idea how to work a can opener! Who knew!!

No snakes. Nary a one. Just the softest, cutest little guy you ever saw.

And for mom, a kangaroo caddy. She's made of kangaroo leather (yell at him, not me!) Sh has two pouches for holding on to all kinds of goodies.

And she can hold notes in her mouth for all to read.
Welcome home honey! We missed you tons and bunches!