Monday, December 03, 2007


This weekend was spent preparing the house for Christmas. These are Jon's favorite three days of the year - seriously. This is usually a major stress point for me. It's a huge project, a big mess, takes much patience (on all parts). This year, I took a new approach ("go with the flow..." and lots of deep breathing) and I enjoyed the process so much more than I normally do. Which is not to say there weren't a few flash points. My fault. I'm still a control freak no matter how hard I try.

And so it's all good - until laying in bed this morning and hearing the loud crash. Jon was in the shower so I figured it wasn't him. Kate was still in bed - not her; Holli, snoring loudly on the floor beside me. That leaves one .....

See if you can piece together what happened by putting these pictures in their proper order.

Ornaments no longer on Christmas tree because tree was on the floor in a horizontal position.

Tree tilted against wall now until a more permanent stabilization method can be established.

Pine needles left on a recently clean floor.

Long lost favorite catnip mouse is found in one of the Christmas boxes and played with for hours. It makes him VERY frisky and wound up tighter than a cat on catnip.

"So what if I did climb up your damn tree. I am - a CAT! SpiderCat! SpiderCat! Does whatever a SpiderCat does....!"